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Strength Birthcard

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Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The lion subdued by a graceful maiden is the traditional image for this card, representing the balance of opposites within an individual.  The fiery nature of the lion is a metaphor for the raw power and impulses that well up inside of you, even when you are presenting an outward "maidenly" appearance.  When channeled towards a purpose, this power is productive and invigorating, but out of control it can be dangerous and destructive.  The maiden's "force" is anything but forceful; her gentleness tames the unmodified power of the lion and he becomes a gentle friend, companion and servant.  As an image of your archetype, this card shows the possibility of awakening your potential energy, which may be brought into full awareness only through the agencies of self-understanding and compassion, which can help you harness your lion to empower you to accomplish your goals.

Your inner passions are the source of your love and creativity, but they constantly need to be processed to be understood and expressed.  You have good, strong instincts that can guide you, but you must let them flow through you at a pace and level that will not knock you off balance.  Passion can be overwhelming if allowed to rule your life without being tempered with thoughts and beliefs.  But if channeled into productive expression, it can give you the intuitive guidance to help you make your decisions, and to power your efforts once you start to act. 

Sometimes, because of outside influences, you may feel like your impulses and instincts should be put down or ignored, that practical concerns and societal pressures should be listened to, even against your own instincts.  Trust your inner self to know best; your passions will lead you in the direction that is right for you, and your own Strength will be the only force you need to guide you in the direction that will allow you to enjoy and employ your passions in a healthy and productive way.

The fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast fits both the image and the spirit of this card.  When the kind and gentle Beauty first finds herself a “prisoner” in the Beast’s castle, she sees him only as a fearsome and brutal creature.  The Beast also feels himself loathsome and monstrous in her presence, and they uneasily keep each other at bay.  Over time, Beauty’s quiet and compassionate influence “tames” the Beast, bringing out his humanity.  They eventually form a loving relationship that allows them to rule together in harmony over the Beast’s realm.  The raw power of the Beast is channeled into life and love giving Strength through Beauty’s gentle touch.

This card’s archetype offers you an inner Strength that gently helps you find an outlet and purpose for the raw forcefulness of your passion for love and life.  Like the infinity sign that appears above the maiden’s head like a halo, your life can flow in balance and harmony when your power is tamed by compassion and love, for yourself and for others.