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The Lovers Birthcard

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Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The archetype of The Lovers represents passion, for a person, a cause, work, nature, anything that you can find yourself totally consumed by.  People who have this card as their lifetime archetype tend to feel overwhelmed by their strong emotions and beliefs, and when unable to act upon their feelings, can become frustrated, angry or depressed.  You sense the Divine all around you, but sometimes it feels like an ocean of spirit and feeling that you can’t articulate about or take action on.  Your intuition and instinct makes you want to rush around and do everything you can for those you care about or in performing tasks you feel worth doing, but you have a hard time channeling your passion for love and life to make your everyday life manageable.  You need a funnel to provide yourself with a small stream of this Divine gift, this ocean you would like to immerse yourself in, just dealing with one small miraculous aspect of life at a time.

The Greek myth of the Labours of Psyche provides an example that reflects the nature of this card.  Psyche was assigned certain tasks before she could have any hope of winning back her lover.  One of them was to fill up a cup with water from a stream, almost a river, that came bursting out of a high cliff.  Psyche took the cup and went to look at this wild, crashing waterfall that rushed out into the air and fell to the bottom of a great abyss.  She saw no way to reach it, and even if she could, she would not have the strength to hold the cup up to this mighty stream.  She felt like giving up, she could see no alternative.  A great eagle flew from the sky and asked her why she was crying.  She explained her predicament, and the eagle offered to help.  He took the cup in his strong beak and rose up in the sky, and coming in close to the great rushing water, filled it to the brim with the clear, cool elixir that Psyche needed to take back to her taskmistress, Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She thanked the eagle for his help and carried the cup back with great care, never spilling a drop, and was able to move on to the next stage of her journey.

In mythical terms, this tale describes the feeling of trying to hold on to all the passion of the universe that wells up in our hearts and motivates us to act on our feelings and desires, but which also can knock us over or drown us with its force.  The eagle, denizen of the sky, the air, represents our mental facilities and analytical skill. He can fly a straight line through the clouds and across great distances that separate us from our goals.  With the Lovers as your tarot archetype, you tend to follow your heart, but also have the eagle’s keen eyesight (insight) and ability to fly straight (to go to the essence of a situation) to fulfill your hopes and dreams. 

Another key element of this card, related to this duality of heart and mind that you find yourself dealing with, is the struggle of your subconscious to break into your waking consciousness.  This deep intuition about and concern for those around you, as well as for the community, the world, pushes you to find ways to bring your dreams into your waking life, even when others find you impractical or over emotional about your goals.  You can never be satisfied emotionally with a relationship, a job, a way of life, unless your spiritual needs are met as well.  You have the ability and intuition to bring the dualities of your life together in harmony, that is the nature of The Lovers, your archetype.  Trust your feelings, they are strong and true, but let your head guide you to the best practical way to accomplish your goals and show those you love how you can truly care for them.