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The High Priestess Birthcard

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Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

In the language of Greek mythology, this card can be seen as Persephone and her twilight world which holds knowledge and secrets that thrust up to grow in the world above, nurtured by the sun.  This realm is a part of your unconscious, and is available to you in dreams, creative work, insights and intuition. You often feel that you are in  the middle of a mystery, that there is something just hidden from view, perhaps buried in your own memory that you need to look at.

This card as soul card signifies that your strongest guidance comes from the spiritual world, and that practical, physical desires cannot be satisfied by your relationships or your career unless spiritual desires are met.  When you travel the quiet inner road of the High Priestess you listen for the counsel of your own deepest self, gradually you are coming to know that the knowledge you seek is within yourself awaiting the right question to bring it forth.  Notice your moods and seasons, like those in nature they have a purpose.  How can you use your intuitive, psychic or dream abilities to discover what you seek?

Sometimes you feel a need to consult outside sources to make your decisions, but you cannot accept advice before running it by your inner "oracle" to get some answers from the other side of the veil.  Remember, whatever you learn from exterior sources has to go past your own High Priestess before you accept and assimilate it.  Trust your own intuition.

The High Priestess sometimes becomes too caught up in her own world because of its richness and self-sufficiency. You try not to alienate yourself from your relationships with friends, family, lovers, but you sometimes find that they distract you from listening and watching for memories and discoveries that you need to examine.  When you can no longer ignore these promptings, you need guidance from the High Priestess, as counseling from someone you can talk to as her representative, and/or through acceptance of your own intuition. Use the extra sense that her presence gives you to deepen your relationships, don't allow the glamour of the sacred mysteries she represents keep you wrapped up in you own feelings and ideas.  You have a tendency to take on the qualities of the High Priestess, and then others also sees you as a deep and serious mystery, someone that is important to them, but not well understood.  The High Priestess communicates from beyond a veil, while you need to transmute her power to the down to earth world that you navigate everyday.  You face a constant struggle to establish the reality of your presence in your relationships, through open communication and tangible expressions of your personality and desires.  Only when you are accepted as the person you are, and feel free to be honest about your true beliefs and desires can you be truly happy.