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The Empress Birthcard

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Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

With the Empress as your archetype, you have the ability to foster growth, creativity and abundance, for yourself and for those around you.  The Empress is at home in her castle, her garden, and enjoys making her environment comfortable and nurturing for anyone in her realm.  She is at home in the natural world, and feels connected to plants and animals, but even in urban situations, she has an ability to feel natural currents in people and in settings, even though those currents may not be apparent to others.  She also has a sensibility to the dynamics of relationships and interchanges that go on around her.  She can feel the undercurrents of conversations and situations, even when she cannot articulate them, or perhaps not even completely understand them.  Sometimes this ability can manifest itself as an unwanted trait–making her too sensitive to people, and not being able to figure out why.  But when she feels at home, in work or relationships, she becomes the queen of her environment, able to forge alliances, charm her subjects, share power with her equals, work towards goals that benefit herself and those around her, with power, control, and elegance.

Where the Empress walks, things grow, no doubt about it.  This can offer opportunities for abundance and growth, but sometimes, the growth can become overgrown.  The Empress loves the feeling of plants and projects putting out new tendrils that climb walls like ivy, but she also has a tendency not to like to prune the garden as it flourishes around her.  Sometimes, the sheer amount of things she has grown turns to clutter, whether internal or external.  Your internal Empress needs to remind you that clearing out old, dead wood and brush is necessary to allow for change and new growth.  And when you clip off those dead branches, growth occurs like magic, whether in your garden or in your life.  Your gift is a green thumb with people and plans, as long as you keep yourself in balance, continually clearing out old growth to allow for the new.

The number 3 itself is the number of synthesis. 1 point is unity or aloneness, 2 points is a pair, or a line between 2 points. But 3 points can form a triangle, something new and unexpected that transforms and unites the 2 floating points that preceded it.  With 3 as your number, you have the potential to see the essence of disparate elements, find a possibility to combine them, and bring them together in a way that builds a cornerstone of something new and exciting that no one realized was possible.

The image of the Empress of “The Tarot of St. Petersburg” shows her sitting in colorful, elegant garb, in a rich and comfortably cushioned throne.  But in spite of the beauty and comfort of her position as Empress, she also holds her sceptre in one hand and her shield in the other, ready to get up at a moment’s notice to deal with matters of state, or to go forth to wage war to protect her realm.  The tale of Tsarina Maria Morevna gives us a story that is worthy of the Empress herself.  The pagan queen, Maria Morevna, is a powerful ruler and warrior, who falls in love with a Christian Tsar.  She is capable and confident, and shares almost everything with her love, but tells him not to go into the dungeon while she is not there.  He does, and because he does not heed her warnings, he accidentally frees Maria’s dangerous prisoner. This prisoner, Koschey the Deathless, escapes, kidnaps her, and takes her to his home, far, far away.  Tsar Ivan has let his Empress down, not trusting her wisdom and competence.  He spends long and hard months atoning for his mistake.  He eventually frees her from Koshchey the Deathless, but only after she communicates to him how to get a magic horse that is fast enough to carry them away from her captor.  They become Tsar and Tsarina together, perfectly matched, ruling together, loving each other in wisdom and harmony.

Maria is confident and capable, and can rule her people and those of her husband with intelligence and a sense of purpose.  Like the Empress, she works hard and is willing to fight to take care of her lands and her subjects, but she also has a tendency to want to control her realm all by herself.  Although she trusts Ivan, she does not tell him the information he needs to keep him from making his almost fatal mistake.  She expects trust, but feels that she knows best, and she thinks that should be enough for both her subjects and her loved ones.  The Empress needs to remember that in all relationships, whether emotional or professional, sharing the truth and the “magic” that keep her world living and growing is essential to her own happiness, as well as the happiness of those she loves and works with.    

You have the ability to create your own realm, nurturing your world so that it flourishes.  Revel in your connection with people and nature; allow yourself to feel the delight in your connectedness to them in an atmosphere of love and harmony. Know that your sensitivity to others is a gift that may sometimes feel overwhelming, but makes you the caring and compassionate Empress you know you can be, the Empress who can wield her sceptre of power and justice in her own life.