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The Chariot Birthcard

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Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The archetype of The Chariot represents finding direction in life, while reconciling opposing desires and perspectives.  With the Chariot as your birthcard, you have a tendency to “find” yourself in situations of conflict, and to actively seek out challenges.  You get great satisfaction in working through conflict, which you do mostly with the help of your outstanding abilities to reason and communicate.  You like to have a sense of constant movement that leads to progression in your life.  You enjoy travel, and see your life as a long journey with inner as well as outer voyages and stops.  You need balance and harmony to function at your best, but you often find that your emotions and your mind fight against each other, the mental and emotional “horses” dragging each other from your chosen path.  When the two are in balance within you, the outer events of your life sail along with an exhilarating feeling of speed and a true sense of direction.  In addition to the qualities of the image of the Chariot, which expand and personify numerological properties, the number 7, your number, also has significance in itself.  The 7 marks a fresh start, a new direction, and is considered a special number, the mystical number.  It can’t be broken down into smaller parts or fully understood.  People with 7 as their number often experience a sense of mystery and destiny that is paradoxically never satisfied in an answer or a goal, but only in finely tuned movement and change.

The image of The Chariot from the Tarot of St. Petersburg shows the charioteer in control of his path.  This powerful driver can be seen as a representation of Dazhbog, the pre-Christian Slavic god who drives his diamond chariot of the sun across the sky every day.  He is attended by the stars and planets, seen behind him, and the moon, which arches over his shoulders as a cloak.  His chariot is drawn by fiery, headstrong horses who struggle to break away and follow their own paths.  The chariot of this myth represents an inner struggle between two seemingly contradictory facets of the personality:  the heart, and the mind, which pull in different directions.  Each of the “horses” is intent on getting his own way, even if he tears the chariot to pieces.  With The Chariot as your archetype, you see your life as a path to be traveled, maintaining control, and focusing the energy inherent in these potentially destructive steeds to move you forwards.  As Dazhbog shows you in this image, you do not need to clutch the reins too tightly.  Your control of the red horse of passion and the white horse of reason can come from a strong sense of purpose, and an instinctive ability to “harness” your own emotions and thoughts to help you reach your goal. 

The message of The Chariot is that opposites can stand side by side, as in the dualism of Slavic mythology.  This aspect of that ancient religion is unlike the dualism of most other Western religions, where opposites of good and evil fight with each other for supremacy.  Instead, Slavic dualism, seen in Dazhbog’s journey from day to night, or from summer to winter, allows light and dark, reason and passion, heat and cold, to complement each other to form a harmonious whole.  The identity of each of your “horses” is made more distinct by contrast with its opposing characteristic or position.  Yes, the pull of opposites can create conflict in your life when two goals or desires threaten to upset the stability of your chariot.  But without conflict, there is no progress, for it is conflict which induces you to change and grow, making you dissatisfied with your present way of living and forcing you to find new solutions.  It is understandable to perceive The Chariot as too risky a possibility, to be unwilling to take up the reins because they don’t seem strong enough to tame the horses, to reconcile your conflicting desires.  But only by controlling your fears and harnessing all your forces towards a chosen, clearly defined purpose can you victoriously meet your challenges.  The Chariot as your birthcard gives you the ability to take up the reins of your own life, put yourself in the driver’s seat, and choose your life’s direction.