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Carole Pierce of Crossroads Tarot has been a tarot scholar and reader for over thirty years. She has a Masters in Comparative Literature, specializing in the archetypal elements of medieval and classical literature, which she weaves into her reading and teaching of the tarot. She currently teaches high school world mythology and Shakespeare classes, and has also taught English literature, French language, and Greek and Celtic mythology. Carole also works with Tarot Insights to offer readings at events and parties, as well as classes and workshops in various aspects of the tarot.

Carole uses tarot reading as an opportunity to help her clients tap into their own intuitive powers. Rather than make predictions, she works with the client to discover his or her personal relationship with the story the cards have to tell, to bring about self-reflection, clarity, and empowerment.

The name Crossroads Tarot refers to the place where people find themselves when they need to make a decision or change in their lives. Carole’s readings help her clients take that first step in a new direction of their life’s path.

To schedule a reading with Carole, email her at carole@crossroadstarot.com.

Upcoming Classes and Events: Carole will be presenting at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium on Saturday, August 15, 2015.